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Our Mission

Our goal at RunWithIt is to make the running experience better as a whole. Our company's purpose is to enhance the success of runners. We also aim to allow casual runners to track their running, while still enjoying and improving their workout. We strive to provide a high quality product and optimize effiency for our customers.

We are Unique

Unlike anything currently on the market, we provide real-time data of your current steps per minute. This allows you to optimize your running to make sure you don't go too fast or too slow. In addition, we also provide connectivity to your favorite music platforms. We connect with these programs to play music that is optimized to your running speed. Our program ensures that your music plays at the speed that you are running at.

How Our Product Works

Our product uses your device's accelerometer to track the number of steps you take in a given period of time. We then use our formula to calculate the steps per minute you are running at. This number is constantly being updated in real time, giving you the most accurate numbers.


Our team has worked hard to work to provide a clean, minimalistic look. We provide a unique interface that ensures simple and easy use.


Shasta Narayanan

Team Manager

Viren Nathan

Graphics Designer

Amay Tripathi

Implementation Director

Rayan Garg

Website Designer



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